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2020 Education Philanthropy Report, Empowering Possibilities

Jule Hall

Program Officer – Postsecondary Education in Prison
Partnering with current and potential grantees and other funders to elevate opportunities for learners from low-income backgrounds so they can better achieve their postsecondary educational and career goals.

Jule Hall is a program officer at Ascendium.  He is responsible for strategic grantmaking in support of Ascendium’s Expanding Postsecondary Education in Prison focus area which seeks to expand postsecondary educational opportunities for incarcerated learners.  He joined the organization in 2020.

Jule is a formerly incarcerated person himself; while in prison, he tutored men incarcerated in New York State prisons in math and writing and helped many re-discover their ability to pursue higher education. In 2011, he completed an undergraduate degree in German Studies with the Bard College Prison Initiative (BPI). He would go on to complete a graduate-level, public health specialization and would become a BPI-Tow Public Health Fellow. 

Prior to joining Ascendium Jule worked for the Ford Foundation where he conducted data analysis and strategic development for grantmakers concerned with gender, racial and immigrant justice issues. He as has worked for a marketing firm, Picture Motion, where he created social impact campaigns for award-winning documentaries examining prisoner reentry, gun violence and racial and economic inequality in America and served on the Documentary Selection Committee of NBCUniversal and AFI DOC’s 2017 Impact Lab.

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