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Ascendium in the News April 12, 2021

College Transfer Update: The Slide Continues, Especially for Community Colleges

Source: Forbes
Author: Michael T. Nietzel

The National Student Clearinghouse Research Center (NSCRC) has released a new research report indicating that undergraduate transfer enrollment is down 7.9% this spring. That decline is 3.8 times larger than last spring, when the drop was 2.1%.

Transfer declines were greatest in the community college sector, which saw a 15.2% loss. By contrast, transfer enrollments at public four-year colleges remained stable from last spring.

The report, entitled COVID-19 Transfer, Mobility, and Progress: First Look Spring 2021 Report, is the third in a NSCRC series. It gives an initial glimpse into spring 2021 undergraduate transfer patterns through February 25. This report focuses on year-over-year changes for a national sample of institutions representing 74% of the Clearinghouse’s participating institutions and 8.8 million undergraduate students, of whom approximately 532,000 are transfer students. The NSCRC report series is supported by the Ascendium Education Group and ECMC Foundation.

Read the full article at Forbes.

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