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Ascendium in the News November 11, 2020

The Edge: The Election Results Spell Bad News for Higher-Ed Innovation When It’s Needed Most

Source: The Chronicle of Higher Education 
Author: Goldie Blumenstyk 

“My main question was: How will the results affect the climate for innovation? I also asked, what changes would now become even more vital or likely? The people I consulted included innovation leaders on campuses, a consultant, an ed-tech entrepreneur, and folks who promote college improvement through philanthropy and advocacy.

For what it’s worth, most of them were less concerned than I am about the national divide over masks, etc., as a factor for colleges’ returning to “normal.” With or without those measures, they don’t expect a return to full-scale, face-to-face operations until most of us are vaccinated. Here’s what else I took away. …. Whether at community colleges or other institutions, Amy Kerwin, vice president for education philanthropy at Ascendium Education Group, predicted the changes that “faculty and staff will fight for” are the innovations most likely to continue to prevail. I think she’s right about this. Change is most likely when it’s not about getting “buy in” to someone else’s agenda but seeing for oneself that the approaches, whether new or established, actually make a difference.”

Read the full article at The Chronicle of Higher Education

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