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Ascendium in the News March 09, 2023

Community College Transfers to Four-Year Colleges Tumbled Almost 8% Last Fall

A National Student Clearinghouse Research Center analysis reveals that upward transfer, or transfer from a two-year to a four-year postsecondary institution, continues to drop in the aftermath of the COVID-19 health crisis. Upward transfers, an important way that many learners from low-income backgrounds pursue their education goals, decreased 7.5% between fall 2021 and 2022.

Newsletter Article March 07, 2023

From Research to Practice: Holistic Credit Mobility Ensures Learning Counts

Learners today are mobile — they acquire knowledge and skills in many different forms and settings. Still, institutions are often unprepared to evaluate or award credit from prior learning. Gaps in how learning gets captured and applied to a credential result in a loss of time and money for learners who can't afford to lose either. To address this, Ithaka S+R developed a holistic credit mobility framework that that outlines a related set of policy and practice levers critical to a more efficient and equitable system. Ithaka is also expanding the Transfer Explorer, a web-based tool to support credit transfer between two-year and four-year institutions. The expansion will further help institutions and learners capture and count other forms of prior learning.

Newsletter February 16, 2023

Over $69 Million in New Grants, the Learning and Impact Team Welcomes Jessa Valentine and More

  • $69 Million+ in New Grants Highlighted by Investments in Job Pathways, Partnerships and More
  • Jessa Valentine Joins Learning and Impact Team
  • CORI Research on Digital Skilling is Put into Practice
Newsletter Article January 31, 2023

$69 Million+ in New Grants Highlighted by Investments in Job Pathways, Partnerships and More

Ascendium’s philanthropy is off to a fast start in 2023 with the recent approval of 34 grants totaling over $69 million. Included in these grants is support for initiatives to connect learners from low-income backgrounds with good jobs, strengthen conditions for partnerships to emerge between colleges and employers, invest in high-quality postsecondary education in prison systems and more.

Newsletter January 19, 2023

Trends We’re Watching in 2023, Promising IT Career Training Pathways for Learners and More

  • Postsecondary Education Trends We’re Watching in 2023
  • Investing in IT Career Training Pathways Shows Promise for Adult Learners
  • Partnership with The Chronicle of Higher Education Elevates Learner Voices
Newsletter Article January 11, 2023

Postsecondary Education Trends We’re Watching in 2023

With 2022 in the rear view, Ascendium has kicked off the new year with optimism and excitement. We’ll continue to work closely with our grant partners and will be watching several postsecondary education trends in 2023. Future grant opportunities may be informed by the trends we see, especially if they connect to our goal of fostering upward mobility for learners from low-income backgrounds.

Newsletter Article December 20, 2022

Investing in IT Career Training Pathways Shows Promise for Adult Learners

The growth in nondegree workforce training options present new pathways for learners from low-income backgrounds to achieve living wage careers. With so many options available, it's important to consider which models are most likely to result in upward mobility for those learners. IT training pathways that include learner supports and industry partnerships are models that have so far shown success. As a result, Ascendium has strategically invested almost $20 million in scaling these programs.

Newsletter December 15, 2022

A Farewell Message from Amy Kerwin

  • A Personal Message from Amy Kerwin
  • Reflections on Visiting Sing Sing, Plus Resources That Center Incarcerated Learners
  • Fund for Workforce Equity Organizations Selected
Newsletter November 17, 2022

Partnerships Help Offer Rural Learners In-Demand Career Credentials, Promising Caring Campus Results and More

  • Local and Online Postsecondary Education Providers Partner to Offer In-Demand Career Credentials in Rural Areas
  • Caring Campus Makes Student Success Everyone’s Business, With Promising Results
Newsletter Article November 09, 2022

Local and Online Postsecondary Education Providers Partner to Offer In-Demand Career Credentials in Rural Areas

Rural postsecondary institutions often lack the resources to offer bachelor’s degree programs in locally in-demand fields that lead to well-paying jobs. One solution is to supplement local postsecondary courses and training with online offerings that can be completed from any location. Ascendium’s recent awards to the Wakiya Foundation and to Reach University support postsecondary education credentials resulting from partnerships between local and online postsecondary providers. These partnerships lead to options for learners from low-income backgrounds to pursue family-sustaining careers where they live.

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