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Ascendium in the News July 30, 2020

Ascendium-funded Study Will Quantify How COVID-19 Impacts Higher Ed Student Transfer Patterns in Near Real-Time

National Student Clearinghouse website screen print

Source: National Student Clearinghouse
Author: Todd Sedmak

The National Student Clearinghouse Research Center, with financial grants from Ascendium Education Group and the ECMC Foundation, announced today that the Research Center will launch a new research report series that addresses student transfer, mobility, and progress in near-real-time, to quantify the impact of COVID-19 on higher education in the United States.

The new research series, which will include nine reports extending from Fall 2020 to Summer 2022, will provide rapid response information and context for institutions, policymakers, learners and others seeking to understand how the pandemic is changing higher education, including student success and completion rates.

The Research Center will identify changes in student transfer pathways that are attributable to the pandemic by using historical data as the pre-pandemic baseline and the Clearinghouse’s current enrollment data. By making transfer data and insights accessible online for free, the Research Center will enable schools, institutions, organizations, and policymakers to better adapt and serve students, particularly those from the most vulnerable populations, during the pandemic and beyond.

Read the full press release at National Student Clearinghouseone of Ascendium's valued partners.

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