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Ascendium in the News February 18, 2021

Seven Rural Community Colleges Join Effort to Boost Student Outcomes

Source: University Business
Author: Chris Burt

More than 45 million U.S. residents live in rural communities, and many face challenges that those in urban areas don’t experience – chronic disease, a lack of infrastructure, access to good health care and notably lower academic outcomes.

Those issues have all become widely apparent during the COVID-19 pandemic as families in those locations struggle with job loss, literacy, mobility and access to a high-quality education.

Reversing those trends is one of the missions of Achieving the Dream, which has created a new initiative called Building Resiliency in Rural Communities for the Future of Work that hopes to boost the outcomes of students from those areas. Seven community colleges across the U.S. have been selected to lead the charge in amping up education through digital skill building that will help students achieve brighter futures. In addition, the institutions themselves will benefit by becoming more nimble in their ability to close equity and achievement gaps.

Read the full article at University Business.

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